Training & Boarding

Pheasant Bonanza offers the highest level of gun dog training available. We have all inclusive programs to take your puppy from naturally talented to fully trained. We also offer advanced training programs based on individual client requests.  Our Orvis Endorsed property includes training fields and access to lakes and rivers for complete professional dog training. We can handle your dog in AKC, NAVHDA and Tournament Hunting events, as well as AKC conformation events. Our accomplishments include three National Pheasant Hunting Championships and several State Pheasant Hunting Championships.

Our kennel features 50 heated and air conditioned indoor/outdoor runs for the dogs, and two whelping areas. There is also a grooming and bathing area to pamper your pets.

Pheasant Bonanza maintains a year-round, full-time staff of professional dog trainers and handlers. They are responsible for the training of a variety of breeds and personality types - from pups to finished dogs. We specialize in German Shorthaired Pointers, Labrador Retrievers and many other hunting breeds.

Aaron Schroder: Professional Trainer

Training / Boarding

Aaron in action.

Aaron Phillip Schroder is the primary dog trainer at Pheasant Bonanza and a full time wing shooting guide during the hunting season.  Aaron was born here in Burt county and has hunted here in the Loess Hills his whole life, in between traveling the country.

"I've developed a very concentrated program throughout my  tenure here at Pheasant Bonanza and while working at Tiger Mountain Pointing Labs in Ellensburg, Washington during the off season.  I offer a free evaluation to all prospective training dogs where I introduce a live bird for pup and properly introduce gunfire.  I'm very particular to whom I enroll in my program.  I will only enroll candidates that show interest in my initial evaluation- I won't enroll dogs that don't show an interest in the initial evaluation.  There have been several candidates in the past  that didn't quite meet my criteria.  In this case I had kept close contact with the dogs' owners and sent them home with a bit of "homework."  Months later these candidates returned and we've enrolled them with great success!  I base my reputation on this process. I won't bring a dog into this program unless it's ready (mentally) to learn. Dogs are like people, they mature at different times, each is individually different."

"Birds birds birds!  I put tons of birds on my younger dogs for the first month of our training.  We work on water retrieves and some collar conditioning, everything you need to get a pup into the field.  This training is essential for the more pressured sessions that are to come later for eligible candidates.  We do whoa/steady training and conditioned retrieves after the pup has had a good season of birds."

 "The foundation of my program is simple: lots of birds.  At Pheasant Bonanza we have a full aviary of birds (on the average we have 200 pheasants, 100 chukar, 100 quail, and 500+ pigeons) and I use them daily in my training.  We have access to a 1000+ acres of upland, ponds, and marsh here.  Your dog will see many hunting scenarios daily.  I travel with them daily to these different locations and train."

Aaron's training dogs have won titles in North America, Canada, and have been proven successful in the blind and upland field for the foot hunter.

Trent Leichleiter: Professional Trainer

Turkey & Deer Hunts

Trent with his oldest son, Jager.

Trent Leichleiter is Pheasant Bonanza's general manager as well as a Pro Trainer. He is a young, energetic and passionate trainer who enjoys working with both flushing and pointing breeds. Trent has recently trained and handled his two Labradors to achieve AKC junior and senior hunt titles.



Chuck Bohlin: Professional Trainer


Chuck Bohlin is one of Pheasant Bonanza's professional dog trainers. Chuck's love of the outdoors continued after his retirement from dentistry by joining the Pheasant Bonanza team as a full time trainer. He feels it is a privilege to work with this outstanding team not only in dog training, but other aspects of running a hunt club & dog kennel.

Chuck feels the highlight of each day is working with the dogs to bring out their full potential. "Training several breeds of dogs is a constant learning experience for both dog & trainer."  He has trained several dogs that have since received AKC titles, won Pheasant Hunter Unlimited events and other hunting competitions.

Chuck particularly likes to take the dogs to the training pond to do water work in the summer and feels that the advantage of training at a hunt club is having the ability to train dogs over plenty of birds, pheasant, chukar, quail or pigeons from the early puppy stage through to a finished dog.

The Kennel

 Our kennel features 50 heated and air conditioned indoor/ outdoor runs for the dogs. There is also a grooming and bathing area to pamper your pets.  Pheasant Bonanza maintains a year-round, full-time staff of professional dog trainers and handlers. They are responsible for the training of a variety of breeds and personality types - from pups to finished dogs.

Capitalize on the skills of our professional staff for your hunting companion! We have the facilities to board a number of dogs and a fine group of professional trainers with expertise in all aspects of dog training.


Base rate: $19/day
Daily walk: +$5/day
Obedience: $22/day
Bird work: $29/day
Bath: $35
Grooming: $45-55
Nail Trimming: $15

Training Program


We offer individualized training programs. Set up a free evaluation with one of our trainers so they can evaluate your dog's natural abilities, potential issues, and talk about your goals.

We specialize in German Shorthaired Pointers and Labrador Retrievers.
Our Breeding Mentality: We breed only to keep the breed pure and preserve its natural ability and disposition.

View our training packages and pricing here.

Pheasant Bonanza is located near the Tekamah Municipal Airport - TQE (15 minutes distance) and Eppley Airfield - OMA (Omaha, NE - 1 hour distance).
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