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Our exceptional guide dogs are always for sale; if interested, please call 1.888.366.4868 or email Jeff to inquire about pricing.


Scout (MH)

Scout MH is one of our exceptional guide dogs as well as a phenomenal stud. He has a very strong work ethic and retrieves up there with the best retrievers. He sires exceptional pups and he has proven his abilities time after time in competition.



Frosty's Abby  may not be the prettiest dog, but man is she tough! Because of her size and strength, at first glance you might think she's a male. Abby is a daughter of Duke, so it's no doubt she's a tough, talented dog. She has a superb nose and is a beast when it comes to retrieves. AKC Registration # SR81287702



Aaron Moser's Cloverleaf’s Duke the Marked One is an absolute stud of a dog who will end up seeing more birds in his lifetime than the average dog will see in 10 lifetimes. Duke is a big, stocky, steady and rangy German Shorthair. Not to mention he is a retrieving machine! Rivaling Remmy, Duke is Pheasant Bonanza’s all-star Shorthair. He will sire many future litters.
DOB: 8/8/2011
AKC Number: SR71078802
Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal

taz labrador retriever


Pheasant Bonanza’s Taz is an older dog, but a new acquisition to the Pheasant Bonanza guide dog team. He just came aboard at the end of the 2015-16 season. He is a quick and athletic German Wire-Haired Pointer. He’s meticulous, close-working and steady on point in the field. He has turned out to be a great addition to our team.

ammo german shorthair


Pheasant Bonanza’s Short of Ammo is a long and lanky young pup. 2017-18 will also be her second full pheasant season. Her father is Remmy so she as well has the lineage it takes to be a great dog. We can’t wait to see how she continues to perform in the field.
DOB: 7/19/2015
AKC Number: SR89329502

stryder labrador retriever


Shur Shot’s Stryder is a young, fast and hard-charging black female Labrador Retriever. She has a bright future. It will be very fun to see her develop over these next couple years.
DOB: 6/10/2014
AKC Number: SR83086903
Eyes: Free
EIC: Carrier
DNA: C0924469

ginger german shorthair


Pheasant Bonanza and Jason Christinsen’s Full Limit Ginger Snap is a ball of speed and athleticism. 2016-17 will be her first full pheasant season and we are very excited to see what she brings to the field. She is a daughter of Remmy, therefore she has all the lineage it takes to become a legendary Pheasant Bonanza dog. This season we will begin to see if she has what it takes!
DOB: 7/19/2015
AKC Number: SR89329503

heidi german shorthair


Heidi Clown I Am doesn’t go 100 mph… she goes 200 mph! She’s one of the biggest running dogs on the Pheasant Bonanza team. Although she goes so fast, she’s very attentive; one blow of the whistle and she’s quickly back into range. It’s incredible to see her dart through the field, then stop on a dime within a split second and hold a rock-solid point. She litters excellent pups as well!
DOB: 01/26/2012
AKC Number: SR71798107

blaze labrador retriever


Shur Shot’s Blazing Gun Blaze is the lone chocolate lab currently on the Pheasant Bonanza team. She works well in a group, but even better hunting by herself. She’s a close working female with a solid nose and retrieve. She litters good pups as well.
DOB: 11/4/2013
AKC Number: SR80310803
Eyes: Free
EIC: Carrier
CNM: Clear

mossy labrador retriever


Shur Shot’s Mossy Oak Hunter is a medium built yellow lab with a nice sandy color to her coat. She’s athletic, hard-charging and a terrific retriever. She is a very loving dog and litters awesome pups!
DOB: 2/18/2012
AKC Number: SR71689305
Hips: Excellent
Elbows: Normal
Eyes: Free
EIC: Clear
CNM: Clear
DNA: C0791159

rio labrador retriever

Rio (JH)

Tiger Mountain Shur Shot’s Rio Hunter is a titled Junior Hunter. She serves as a dual-purpose dog; she’s great in the duck blind and holds her own when in the pheasant fields. She’s a unique, pointing yellow lab with a beautiful sandy coat and a medium build. Rio comes from excellent lineage and litters absolutely superb pups. She might be the most loving dog in the kennel.
DOB: 6/17/2012
AKC Number: SR73582607
Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Eyes: Free
EIC: Clear
CNM: Clear


Stokes (JH)

We are stoked to see what Stokes has to offer! He is a young, well-built yellow lab who is currently working toward his Master Hunter title. He has a great nose and a ton of energy.
Full Name: Shur Shot's New Beginning Stokes
AKC Number: SR81862805
Hips: Good
DOB: 02/17/2014
Elbows: Normal
Eyes: Free
EIC: Clear



Shur Shot’s Remington Hunter (Remmy) A stocky, meticulous and veteran German Shorthaired Pointer whose retrieve is almost just as good as his pointing ability. There’s no telling how many have hunted behind him. Remmy has always been a hunter favorite. He has seen upwards of 10,000 birds in his life and although he’s had many birthdays, his age has yet to hinder him in the field.
DOB: 7/21/2007
AKC Number: SR440017603

tikka labrador retriever


A beautiful, young yellow female lab. Shur Shot’s Tikka Hunter II is a very smart dog. She was not specifically bred to point, but has seen so many birds and hunted with so many shorthairs that she’s developed a point on her own. She is close-working and such a sweetheart. She also litters EXCELLENT pups!
DOB: 9/28/12
AKC Number: SR74670601
Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Eyes: Free
EIC: Clear
CNM: Clear
DNA: C0869112


Frosty's Tiger Mtn Ren

Although Ren is a smaller-mid-sized black lab, he makes up for it with his energy and prey drive. He is a young pointing lab and does best at what labs are supposed to do, retrieve!
AKC Registration # SR82057702
DOB 4-5-14



Uodibar's Yutan Aggy, weighing in at just 38 pounds, is a tiny ball of pure energy. She is one of the best female German Shorthairs on the Pheasant Bonanza team. In one word, Aggy is "relentless." She simply does not quit! With an exceptional nose, an excellent point and a retrieve that’s in the works, Aggy will be around for a long time. Her outstanding ability and loving personality make her one of the most popular dogs among hunters.
DOB: 6/27/2013
AKC Number: SR78239606
Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Eyes: Free

stormy labrador retriever

Stormy JH

If there’s one dog everyone wants to leave with when they depart Pheasant Bonanza, Shur Shot’s Stormy Black Cloud Hunter is the one. She’s a sweetheart when not hunting, but flip the switch and she’s the complete bird dog package. She serves us well in the pheasant fields as well as the duck blind. Her blind retrieves are superb.
DOB: 3/28/2012
AKC Number: SR72346402
Hips: Good
Elbows: Normal
Eyes: Free
EIC: Clear
CNM: Clear
DNA: C0791158

hawk german shorthair


Pheasant Bonanza’s Hawk is one of the newest guide dog pups going through our excellent training program. He loves getting on point with the birds and he is learning fast. He loves to explore and learn new things.

colt german shorthair


Pheasant Bonanza’s Colt is a new member to the PB guide dog family. He has a strong prey drive and his retrieving skills are great. His pointing skills are superb. Colt loves every part of the hunt.

arrow german shorthair


Pheasant Bonanza & Jager’s Arrow is a young pup with energy to share. He is extremely fast and his retrieving skills are improving weekly. He is excellent on point as well.

rommel german shorthair


Brian Carle & Pheasant Bonanza’s Rommel is an exciting addition to the PB Guide team. He is on point with his training and he will make an excellent pointer. His retrieving skills are phenomenal as well.

Jammer black lab


Pheasant Bonanza & Bryx’s Jammer is a new up and coming guide dog at Pheasant Bonanza. He has excellent retrieving skills and we are excited to watch him as he completes his training courses.

Jarvis yellow lab


Ron Cornwell & Kruze’s Jammer is a is a young pup with lots of energy. 2017-18 will be her first full pheasant season.

Barrett GSP


Pheasant Bonanza's Barrett is the newest German Shorthair guide puppy that we have a Pheasant Bonanza. He has a great natural point and he has a lot of prey drive.

Sable GSP


Pheasant Bonanza's Sable is a litter mate of Merrit. She is a good worker and a steady pointer. She has a soft hearted loyal soul.

Merrit GSP


Pheasant Bonanza's Merrit is a litter mate of Sable. He is is a great pointer and he has a great work ethic. He aims to please.

Willow GSP


Pheasant Bonanza's Willow is the daughter of Winnie and Duke. With strong bloodlines, she is on point and has a strong work ethic.
AKC Registration # SR99077603
DOB 5-11-17

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Our exceptional guide dogs are always for sale; if interested, please call 1.888.366.4868 or email Jeff to inquire about pricing.

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