Jason Christiansen

Jason Christiansen

How/when did you get involved with upland bird hunting? I have been hunting as long as I can remember, I was plinking anything that flew with my Red Rider at four years old. My father and all his friends would leave to go on a grouse hunt and I remember standing in the driveway crying as they drove off. Back then you could road hunt and my job was to hold the dogs in the back of the truck and when stopped and there was a sporting kill I got to let the dogs go. I spent most of my youth trapping coons and hunting pheasants; it was not until I was in high school I started hunting waterfowl and that became my passion. After returning back to Nebraska from my stent in the Army, all I wanted to do was hunt - mostly waterfowl. Being outside and watching game work to a decoy or a dog track a bird is about the most peaceful thing I know.

What do you enjoy most about guiding at PB? The people I meet. I tell my wife that guiding for PB is just taking a walk with new friends. I get to meet some great folks and experience what I love with them.

What other types of outdoor activities do you enjoy? Anything outdoors is engaging to me. I like the mornings when world comes alive and seeing all that God created wake up. Hunting, camping, boating, and outdoor cooking.

How many years experience do you have hunting/fishing/guiding in general? 40 plus years of hunting experience, fishing isn't my deal, 10 plus years of guiding waterfowl, and I've been guiding upland since 2012.

What do you do for a living? I am a Feed Segment Operations Manager for Cargill.

What is your favorite hunting dog breed and why? Lab, is there another breed? They are the best with kids, will be yours till their end and not sure what a lab cannot do… they are versatile!

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