Andy Leichleiter

Andy Leichleiter


I was introduced to hunting at the age of five by my father with a BB gun walking the fields as a family. We always pheasant hunted to warm our frozen feet up after sitting in a duck blind.

Hunting was our passion and a way of life for us as we lived on wild game for our main course. I love hunting pheasants, duck, geese, and big game such as elk, deer, antelope, and turkey. I really enjoy fishing, camping, shooting sports (pistol, skeet, and sporting clays), and training dogs.

When it comes to hunting dog breeds, labs are my favorite dogs for their versatility but the shorthairs are at the top for their superior noses. (Pictured is my lab, Lula)

I am a carpenter by trade and run a small construction company and I serve the Lord in all I do. I love my wife and family and enjoy the outdoors with them all, especially my grandchildren. I look forward to serving you as a guide.

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