I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the terrific hospitality last week for our group from Farmers Mutual Hail. The facilities, food, birds, guides, office staff (everything and everyone) was superb. Scott did a great job taking care of whatever we needed around the lodge / sporting clays course, and I heard he did a great job in the field.

Thanks again!

Chock Hefner
Farmers Mutual Hail
District Sales Manager
Chock Hefner,

I’d wanted to visit Pheasant Bonanza since hunting with one of their dogs at another lodge. I was impressed then, and more so when we made some episodes of Wingshooting USA there recently. The grounds are varied and managed carefully for birds and good dog work. The setting is beautiful, staff accommodating and fun to be with. The dogs....were stellar!


SCOTT LINDEN, Wingshooting USA Host

I've been hunting upland game and shooting clays since the age of 8, thanks to my Father, in many different states and in many different environments. After 20 years, I can say without a doubt that Pheasant Bonanza is by far the best overall experience I've ever had. My hunting partners that accompanied me are all in complete agreement. It has everything for everybody.

I typically hesitate to recommend hunts/outings to anyone, but this is the ONE place that I have recommended to everyone I know. There hasn't been a single individual that hasn't called me afterwards and said that it was one of the best experiences they've ever had.

Look at all that Pheasant Bonanza has to offer and count on everything being the best of the best. The dogs, kennels, lodging, guides and service take first prize in every category.

Leo Allison - President, Constructors Bonding,

I would highly recommend spending a day at Pheasant Bonanza. I participated in the European hunt this year and it was by far the best hunting experience I have ever had. I had the opportunity to shoot more birds than I have ever dreamed of. The best experience was the clean up hunt and watching the Pheasant Bonanza team and the dogs work the fields. The facilities are outstanding and the staff is exceptional. Also, I recommend the sporting clay course. It is very well designed and a great way to test your shooting ability.

Thank you for the experience!!!

Clyde Wilberger - The Harry A. Koch Company,